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Check in 2 pm / check out 12 pm. Children under 14 years old are not allowed. Reservations are processed according to the information provided by each client. In case of mistake or discrepancy on this information, Vila d’este does not allow the check-in of children under 14 years and will not make any type of cost-free cancellation for that reason. Buzios is a bohemian city, known for its plurality of attractions and nighlife, during busy periods, the city does not offer the ideal atmosphere for relaxation.


Vila d'este reserves itself the right to do not accept or host guests when the displayed conduct is inappropriate and disrespect the rights of other guests or the property. In compliance with federal law, unregistered persons or guests are not allowed to visit the apartments or to stay overnight. Unregistered persons or guests are not allowed to use the pools & steam room. Pets are not allowed. During the check in, official identification documents will be required.

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