social & environmental responsibility

Vila d´este and it`s team of employees feel pleased to dedicate time and effort, through various actions, so that our society and environment can be respected and valued.

The goal is to achieve self-sustainability by sharing this philosophy with our staff, their families and the community, while we serve responsibly our guests.

Some of our actions:

  • All apartments use sunlight as their primary source of energy, collected by solar panels.
  • All apartments have water and energy saving devices.
  • Tanks for rain water collection, to be used for cleaning external areas and garden watering.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning materials.
  • Selective garbage collection.
  • Partnerships with NGOs in the region, focused on taking care of children and drug addicts, with periodic donations of bedding & bath clothes, furniture and food.
  • Team awareness, through lectures on environmental liability, and inclusion of awards for the sectors that are experiencing better results on natural resource savings goals.
  • Monitoring the operational dynamics by environmental engineers.
  • Guests’ awareness for water savings and bedding & bath clothes reduced wash.
  • All the hotel pools have ionization treatment, which reduces by 90% the dump of chemicals in the environment.

Simple and effective attitudes meaning that through individual and collective actions, we can make a difference!